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Bruce Willis’ wife asks the paparazzi to stop yelling at her

Bruce Willis’ wife tells paparazzi to stay away from her dementia-stricken husband.

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In a video posted to Instagram, Emma Heming Willis asked the paparazzi to stop yelling at Bruce Willis when they see him in public.

She recounts a recent incident in which paparazzi tried to talk to him while he was out with his friends.

“I know it’s your job,” she insists, “but stay away, and don’t ask him how he’s doing while you’re yelling.”

“It’s very stressful as a caregiver to see a family member go through this kind of situation and guide them through the world,” she says.

In the video caption, she also asks caregivers and other professionals in the field for advice on how to help loved ones with dementia stay active despite the illness.

His video comes weeks after Bruce Willis’ diagnosis was announced. The actor has a specific form of dementia called temporomandibular dementia.

It is caused by the progressive loss of nerve cells in areas of the brain normally associated with personality, behavior, and language.

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