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Britney Spears Thanks Her Fans: 'You Saved My Life'

Britney Spears Thanks Her Fans: ‘You Saved My Life’

‘You saved my life’: Singer Britney Spears thanked her fans in her first video message on Instagram since the courts lifted her guardianship on Friday, saying she hopes her story will shed light on the issue of guardianship.

In this two-minute message, posted on Tuesday night, she did not immediately disclose any project, explaining that she had been under supervision for thirteen years and saying she was “just happy” to find daily habits.

“I am not here to be a victim (…) I am here to advocate for people with real disabilities, real illnesses. I am a strong woman, and I can only imagine what the system has done to these people,” she explains.

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“I hope my little story will make an impact and make a difference in this corrupt system,” she adds.

She then thanked the “FreeBritney” movement for bringing attention to her condition: “My voice was muffled for a long time,” but “it raised awareness.” “I think you saved my life,” she adds.

The video, which was viewed more than five million times on Wednesday morning, was posted, along with more audio scripts. She wrote, “I wake up every morning, still amazed to see what my family and guardianship have done to me… It was frustrating and humiliating.” “I don’t talk about the bad things they did to me that they all should be in prison for… including my practicing mother,” Britney Spears says. She also promised not to be silent and that she “didn’t forget anything”.

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During her education, the singer often posted videos of her choreography, photos and long messages on Instagram, which is her favorite communication channel.