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Britney Spears shoots at Christmas!

Britney Spears shoots at Christmas!

Britney Spears, recently from her father’s tutelage, He looks like he’s enjoying the holidays in these adorable photos. We are very happy for her. After the long, hard years she’s been through, she totally deserves that cloud of happiness hanging over her now. We can admire the adorable and adorable Christmas tree as well as its colorful outfit. Besides, she and her lover seem very happy together, which makes us doubly happy for the couple.

we can see Britney Spears accompanied by her fiancé, Sam Asgari right here. Aren’t they very cute?

Accompanying his photo, a beautiful text expressing his gratitude for freedom and his happiness in celebrating Christmas, here is the translation.

« I’ll be honest with you, and say I’ve waited a very long time to be free. Now that I’m free, I’m afraid to do anything because I’m afraid to make a mistake. For many years, I was told that my success could end at any time, and it never did. You have worked hard, but now that you are here, besides happiness, there is fear. The paparazzi It runs between the trees and on the road. When I drive home it is scary!!! I have to drive near an elementary school. Children are important… and so am I. I don’t like them trying to scare and surprise me… It’s almost like they want me to do something crazy! I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong…so I won’t post much in a world where it’s our freedom to be free, it’s a shame! I started experiencing this when I received my car keys 4 months ago. I have done nothing to be treated the way I have been for 13 years!!! I am disgusted with the system and would like to live in another country!! Celebrate Christmas very early this year, so why not?! I think any reason to find happiness in life is a good one and it’s no secret that I’ve been through a lot of hardships in the past few years…so I’ll probably do things differently from now on. currently !! May God have mercy on my family if I had an interview!! In the meantime… I stay away, which I never did. This is why it is so confusing. In short, God bless you all! »