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Britney Spears accuses her family again: 'I want justice'

Britney Spears accuses her family again: ‘I want justice’

The singer again denounced the actions of her family, saying that she had taken advantage and “injured” beyond any doubt.

Britney Spears He no longer holds back his blows towards his family. As she continues her life’s struggle to regain full independence (her dad Jamie has already been removed from her guardianship, but she’s still there for now), the 39-year-old singer posts regularly To denounce the actions of those close to them.

If she claimed it was Abused her father, as the translator of “Toxic” indicated that the rest of his family were complicit in all this conspiracy. She made it especially clear to those around her that she was So hurt by her sister Jimmy Lynn’s behavior (30 years old), this person has turned his back on him at the most critical moment.

“Do you know how hard it is?”

On Monday, October 25, 2021, the recently engaged girl published a new post, claiming it was taken advantage of and used by her family. “This message is for my family…because they are hurting me more than you will know!” I know the guardianship is about to end but I’m still calling for justice! I am only 62 meters tall and have played the role of adults all my life. Do you know how difficult it is? ‘, she wrote in particular, explaining beforehand that she was content to ‘make Mother Teresa understand’.

The next session on the guardianship of the star will take place in two weeks. His attorney, Matthew Rosengart, struggles to end the guardianship. Currently, professional artistic coordinator, Judy Montgomery, remains dominant in the singer’s interests.

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