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British singer Adele's latest music video filmed in Sutton

British singer Adele’s latest music video filmed in Sutton

International superstar Adele came on September 15-16 to shoot her latest music video, easy for me. Quebec director Xavier Dolan is driving this filming, which took place in Domaine Dumont Chapelle Cit Agnes.

Sutton Mayor Michel LaFrance confirmed into a microphone Here for information That the team of Xavier Dolan and Adele were welcomed to Sutton.

We are so proud to welcome Adele and all of her team. Your choice of photography is a matter of pride, to receive a star inspired by the beauty of our landscapes, our landscapes will be distributed globally on this planet, refers to Mayor Sutton.

Some municipal services have been modified to accommodate this nice annoyance.

We already had some experience shooting. We’re a little used to adapting at the last minute. A press release was distributed to inform citizens of the existence of filmingMichel LaFrance explains.

He believes that such events demonstrate the importance of environmental protection in the municipality.

It motivates the city on the importance of being proactive on an environmental level. Protecting our landscapes is important to us and being able to protect them benefits everyoneremembers Michel LaFrance.

Xavier Dolan directed the video for Adele in Sutton (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada

The singer posted on her Instagram account, on Tuesday, a short excerpt from this clip. So far, more than 13 million people have viewed Sutton’s photos in this clip. Adele’s new album will be released on October 15, according to this post.

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