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British Franco researchers identify 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's disease

British Franco researchers identify 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease

In The Lancet Digital Health, scientists published a French-British study conducted by the Institut de Cervo in Paris on 10 diseases that can mark the late onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

While the disease affects more than 50 million people around the worldsound One of the major challenges of the twenty-first century. In the year 2050, potentially More than 150 million cases will be identifiedThere is still treatment to slow the onset of the disease, which is why scientists rely more on prevention.

In order to conduct the study, scientists collected medical data from 40,000 patient records from the European THIN database (Health Improvement Network). Half of the patients were affected by the disease, and the other half did not develop neurodegenerative disease during the study.

10 frequent diseases

Thanks to a computer modeling system, researchers have identified 123 recurrent diseases. Based on these results, it was then determined 10 diseases most common in people with Alzheimer’s diseaseat Two to ten years before diagnosis.

The comparisons made allowed us to confirm known associations, such as Hearing problems or depression, and other less known early factors or symptoms, such as cervical spondylosis or constipation. However, we only report statistical associations.

Thomas Nedelek, researcher from the Aramis team

Among these diseases, we find the factors that have appeared until 15 years before the disease was diagnosed :

  • severe depressive disorder,
  • anxiety,
  • exposure to great pressure,
  • constipation
  • hearing loss,
  • spondylosis (degeneration of the bones of the neck),
  • Tired,
  • memory loss,
  • sudden weight loss,
  • the fall.
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Mental health, recurrent pathology

According to the 10 indexed factors, many of them are directly related to mental health (depressive disorder, anxiety, stress, and fatigue). And therefore, Fragile and troubled mental health can lead to faster progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Warning signs but only statistics

This study reveals recurring symptoms to us as the disease approaches, however, these findings remain statistical only. In fact, There is no proven causal relationship between neurodegenerative diseases and these factors These diseases are often affected by people who are at risk of contracting the disease.

The question remains whether the health problems encountered Risk factors, symptoms, or warning signs of disease.

Thomas Nedelek, researcher from the Aramis team