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British foreigners residing in Spain are no longer allowed to drive

British foreigners residing in Spain are no longer allowed to drive

In the absence of a post-Brexit agreement between London and Madrid, British foreigners residing in Spain for more than six months will not have a driver’s license in connection with the mutual recognition of driving licenses. A “temporary” situation, the UK Foreign Office promises.

From May 1, British foreigners living on the other side of the Pyrenees will no longer be allowed to drive on Spanish roads. London and Madrid fail to find post-Brexit agreement on mutual recognition of driving licenses, reports Bloomberg.

In detail, British citizens residing in Spain for more than six months can no longer apply for a license issued in the United Kingdom. Until any agreement is reached, they currently have no choice but to reconsider their choice to obtain a Spanish license. On the other hand, British tourists are not affected and can continue to roam freely on the roads of the peninsula.

Through social media or across the channel, many British nationals living in Spain have expressed their anger over the situation: “Getting a Spanish driver’s license does not happen overnight”, explains Dailymail Maria is a foreigner living in Crdoba. If he had registered to take the exam in Spain on the advice of the embassy in February, he regrets the delay in the process, citing long “delays” and “unavailability” of driving schools there.

A “temporary” situation

In an effort to reassure the tens of thousands of citizens involved, the British Foreign Office said it was pressuring Spanish officials to “speed up negotiations”. “We are committed to reaching an agreement. The UK already has similar agreements with 24 EU countries,” he said.

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However, a source close to the British government acknowledged that the situation would last “a week or more”. “It’s supposed to be temporary, but we do not know how temporary it will be,” he told Bloomberg.

For British citizens living in France, there is nothing to worry about. France and England have come to an end A contract in June 2021 Driving licenses issued in both countries must be mutually recognized. Therefore, holders of British driving licenses issued before January 1, 2021 may continue to drive in France.