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Britain's new prime minister will not be at COP27

Britain’s new prime minister will not be at COP27

Britain’s new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who hosted last year’s UN climate conference (COP26), came under fire on Thursday after Downing Street announced he would not attend COP27 in Egypt.

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A spokesman for the Conservative leader explained his absence on Thursday as “pressing commitments”, including the preparation of the budget on November 17, which has been eagerly awaited after weeks of financial turmoil in the UK.

He said he would be represented by ministers including Britain’s Climate Ambassador Alok Sharma, who chaired COP26 in Glasgow last year.

Rishi Sunak, on the other hand, wants to attend the G20 summit in Indonesia on November 15 and 16, where French presidents Emmanuel Macron, American Joe Biden and Russian Vladimir Putin are particularly expected.

His spokesman pledged the UK’s continued support for the convention and commitment to carbon neutrality.

But Ed Miliband, who is in charge of climate change within the Labor opposition, condemned it as a “colossal failure of leadership”.

“What Rishi Sunak clearly doesn’t understand is that tackling the climate crisis is not just about our reputation and standing abroad, but about the opportunities ‘she can offer us’ for lower tariffs, jobs and energy security,” he said.

“What a disgraceful way to end the COP’s British presidency,” responded Green MP Caroline Lucas.

Rishi Sunak did not reveal his intentions in terms of environmental policy when he entered Downing Street on Tuesday, while his predecessor Liz Truss sparked concern by saying she wanted to reconsider the path to the goal of carbon neutrality. Business friendly.

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He announced several measures that were criticized by environmentalists.

Rishi Sunak reassured them last month by announcing the restoration of the ban on gas and shale oil production lifted by Liz Truss. But he was worried that Alok Sharma would no longer get a place in the cabinet.

According to the NGO Greenpeace, the absence of Rishi Sunak at COP27 and the removal of Alok Sharma from the cabinet “suggest that the new prime minister is not taking the climate crisis seriously”.

King Charles III, known for his long-standing commitment to environmental protection, will not travel to Egypt for COP27. According to Tea The Sunday TimesHe wanted to reveal himself there, but Liz Truss was against it.