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Britain’s best baguette is Breton

In London, the first Best Baguette Competition UK 2023 took place on Monday 13 March. Its purpose is to select the best baguette. England tradition. And Breton baker Loïc Deuff won first prize.

Loïc Deuff, originally from Mahalon in South Finisterre, has been working recently. Bakeries and coffee shop St. George
In the Chelsea and Covent Garden districts of London. But he studied with the Gueguen brothers from Bains et Queen Bakery.

“She’s come a short distance from Brittany.”

A best baguette competition was organized in association with a French miller and the French Embassy in the UK. The jury consisted only of culinary, pastry and bakery experts. He presented gifts with French style specifications “So it’s a signature product with local meaning.”.
The London scale was the same as in France. A traditional baguette is judged by its length, its appearance, its taste, and its crispness. “These are full of the quality standards we French people are used to”

Bretton Baker is eager to get his “stellar” baguette across the Channel. Especially since this French product was recently registered unesc intangible heritage

If London’s Bretons are feeling nostalgic, Loic Deuf at his King’s Road shop offers the world-famous Coyne des Crosses (from Mahalon) in addition to the UK Champion Traditional Baguette!

My France: The Best Life

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