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BriseBois: The owner of Lightning is clear

BriseBois: The owner of Lightning is clear

Based on the words of Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik, general manager Julien BriseBois is expected to sign a contract extension soon.

In an interview with sports website The Athletic, the millionaire left no room for interpretation regarding his intentions regarding the Quebec GM, whose current agreement will expire at the conclusion of the 2021-2022 season.

“Julian has done a fantastic job. He is a great person and there is a very good chance he will extend his contract soon,” said Vinick.

We can understand the owner of the Bullets, as his team won the Stanley Cup in the last two seasons of the National Hockey League (NHL). However, he is not immune to surprise, as was the case with Steve Yzerman in 2018. At the time, the former striker relinquished his role as GM to be appointed to the same position at the Detroit Red Wings.

“It was really a surprise. Vinic revealed I didn’t expect it. In the case of the transfers between Tod [Leiweke, l’ancien président de l’équipe] And Steve Greggs, and between Steve and Julian, I couldn’t imagine them going so well. It’s for their benefit.”


Vinick also revealed that he thanked Leiweke and Yzerman for the work they did that eventually led to his club becoming an NHL powerhouse.

“I’ve talked to Steve since we won and I’ve spoken to Todd as well. I’m forever grateful to them for the tremendous effort they put in to get things done. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Their roles turned into new leaders and they trained these leaders. So they should take credit. When I look back, my job ended six months later, which is the time I hired Steve Yzerman and Todd Lewicki.”

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The right person

Speaking of the people Yzerman has hired, there’s BriseBois.

“I had no doubts that Julian was the right person for the job,” Vinick said. It came as advertised and is really smart, super knowledgeable and very practical. I was expecting all of these things and they all turned out. But what impressed me most about him was that he identified the specific needs of the team, targeted some players and got them for two years in a row.”

“It doesn’t usually work that way, which is the ability to lift a certain deal that GM struck to allow the team to rise above the fight. […] He likes to joke that he was very lucky and that things are going well. However, there is concrete evidence that his actions played an important role in […] Stanley Cups.