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Brian Robson, who tried to mail himself from Australia to Wales

Brian Robson, who tried to mail himself from Australia to Wales

If you were in Australia in 1965 and the Welsh helped you return home in a wooden hut, the latter has a message for you.

When Brian Robson met 19-year-old Paul and John, two Irish friends and colleagues helped him escape from the mainland of the country. After spending eleven months in Australia as part of an immigration program, the young man began to feel at home. Problem: The அவர் 40 or வில் 46 a month salary he earned while working for the Australian state rail company Victoria was not enough for him to buy an air ticket for 800 euros.

Instead of saving, he came up with the idea of ​​sending himself home in a wooden hut as air cargo. Tells an article in the British daily Metro. That’s when two Irish friends came inside. After completing the necessary paperwork for the ship, thanks to Paul’s typewriter, they tapped the box labeled with a computer and sent it on a direct flight from Melbourne to London. Apparently, things did not go as planned.

A test that lasts several days

When Brian Robson was about to travel thirty-six hours in this box “Size of Mini-Fridge”, Pillows, a torch, his suitcase, a book of Beatles songs and two bottles – one for water and one for urine – he found himself on another plane, very slowly and with several stops. He first landed in Sydney, where his nest was thrown upside down. He remained upside down for twenty-two hours. It was then loaded on a flight to Los Angeles.

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“I stayed for five days and ended up in a warehouse. I thought I was in London.”, A native of Cardiff tells the BBC. Through a hole in his box, Brian Robson encountered the frightening sight of an American customs officer who thought he had found a corpse. An hour later, the FBI, CIA and airport security landed. Brian Robson was eventually taken to hospital after losing the use of his limbs.

U.S. officials did not press charges and sent him back to London on a business plane. When he got home, Brian Robson thanked Paul and John for helping, but never asked again. “If I meet them again, I’m sorry, I put them in this situation and I want to tell them I missed them when I got back., Confirms Stowaway. I would like to offer them a drink. “

Brian Robson, now retired, told his story in a book, The Great Escape, Which is scheduled for release by the end of April. “It simply came to our notice then. If my kids had tried, I would have killed them. But that’s another time. “, He speaks backwards.