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Brent Sobel says Blackhawks players were aware of the allegations

Brent Sobel says Blackhawks players were aware of the allegations

During the spring of 2010, after which the Falcons won the Stanley Cup, Brad Aldrich allegedly forced two players to engage in sexual acts.

According to Sobel, the Black Hawks’ locker room was in turmoil for several days after assistant coach Paul Vincent asked the team management to file a complaint with the police, which they allegedly refused to do. Aldrich was fired and the coach found another job. The Blackhawks even wrote him a letter of recommendation, according to information from the specialist website Athlete.

I would say all the players are drowning in the situation. We were all in the same locker room. This is something we’ve been talking about for two or three days. Quinville was in the same office as Aldrich. We were awareSaid Sobel, who left the team after winning the Stanley Cup and three seasons in Chicago.

In particular, Sobel told TSN that he was sure the team’s management had lodged a police complaint after the 2010 season. He had not wanted to comment on the case in the past few months for fear of the Blackhawks going. Its basis that helps children who have suffered from dyslexia.

Many of the players who were with the team in 2009-2010 are still paid by the Blackhawks, play for them, comment on games, form part of management, and serve as scouts or ambassadors for the team. That’s why they don’t say anything. They want to protect their jobs. But they have to do the right thing and say publicly what happenedSobel added.

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Captain Blackhawks Jonathan Toews Athlete He had heard the allegations against Aldrich before the team’s pre-2010-11 season camp.

In a statement sent to TSN on Tuesday, Joel Quinville said he first heard the allegations against Aldrich from the media. Earlier this summer. The 2008-2019 Blackhawks coach said he called the organization to let them know He will support and participate in an independent investigation.

According to WBEZ, seven people have sued Aldrich for assault of a sexual nature.

After Blackhawks and the University of Miami, Aldrich worked as a volunteer coach at a high school in Michigan. In 2013, he was convicted of an offense of a sexual nature against a 17-year-old hockey player.

Aldrich has also worked on the US National Women’s Hockey Program, and the University of Notre Dame Hockey Program.

The Black Hawks hire Red Shar, a former federal prosecutor, to lead a independent investigation in this story.