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Breast cancer: AI can help with diagnosis, and that’s a great first! –

Artificial intelligence can speed up the diagnosis and management of breast cancer. For the first time in the world, an algorithm is being clinically tested at the Marie Curie Institute in Paris.

Big step forward

the breast cancer It is the cause of many deaths worldwide, reports European 1. For the first time in the world, an algorithm based on a Artificial intelligence Clinically testedMarie Curie Institute in Paris. The first global trial of this process will be launched within this institute.

The test will only take 5 minutes

This is amazing Artificial intelligence It can speed up the diagnosis and treatment breast cancer. It can identify the most benign cancer cells in ten times less time than with the eye of a microscope. In fact, it will take only 5 minutes to analyze cells thanks to this process while under a microscope, it takes 40 minutes to establish Diagnosis. “We put the code and color the algorithm in red the area with cancerAnne Vincent Salomon, project manager atKorean Institute.

More accuracy

The software will also allow doctors to be more accurate. According to the director, during a prostate biopsy, you have to look for a very small sample cancer two or three millimeters. “The AI ​​would be a great convenience in detecting which blade has cancerShe added, “In addition, the algorithm also makes it possible to determine the degree of seriousness of a file cancer. Thus, the pathologist will be able to take care of the most severe cases as a matter of priority.

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