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Brazil: Bolsonaro leaves hospital after four days of treatment

Brazil: Bolsonaro leaves hospital after four days of treatment

I had to go on a diet, I did the right thing. I wanted to leave on the first day, but they wouldn’t let me. I hope I can eat a steak in a few daysMr. Bolsonaro said as he walked out of the Villa Nova Star private hospital.

The far-right president, 66, was hospitalized on Wednesday for treatment of an intestinal obstruction. A medical team will continue to follow him on an outpatient basis, according to the hospital’s latest health report.

Despite being hospitalized, he continued to perform his duties and was very active on social media, posting pictures and political comments.

Intubation as a precaution

The president was hospitalized urgently on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday at the Armed Forces Hospital in Brasilia due to severe abdominal pain and hiccups that lasted for more than ten days.

He was then placed in the intensive care unit and intubated as a precaution, according to the explanations of one of his sons, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro. Once he was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction, he was transferred to the Villa Nova Star private hospital in São Paulo.

Since he was stabbed in the intestines in September 2018, while campaigning for the presidential election, Mr. Bolsonaro has undergone six surgeries, including five on his digestive system, and suffers from intestinal adhesions.

My stomach looked on fire. The cause was an intestinal obstruction, because adhesions are common in someone who had surgery like me, after a knife attack.He explained, answering reporters’ questions.

Cette nouvelle hospitalisation du president est intervenue dans un contexte de crise politique et d’érosion de sa popularité, face à des allégations de corruption dans les contrats négociés par son gouvernement pour faire face à la pandémie, qui a fait de déjè 40 déjè in the country.

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