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Bozools.  Ephemeral art store in the Denys-Puech space

Bozools. Ephemeral art store in the Denys-Puech space

After the first successful trial last year; Seven artists, including two new ones, are showing their work at the Denys-Puech Space through August 25.

Sandra de Bordier is a visual artist. Thanks to numerous collages, she reproduces the world of puppet theater with a sense of humor.

Laƫtitia Tarayre presents her work in the field of baskets (wicker baskets of all sizes, bags and baskets).

Patricia Coppari, a teacher, but also a seamstress and miracle worker for her clothing creations, reinvents dresses, jackets, and waistcoats. Patrick Voisard, illustrator, illustrator who is inspired by the world of Soulage and displays many paintings that mark the depth. Lisa Schiffen, a nature illustrator and illustrator, renders her ink and watercolor drawings with the brilliance of calligraphy. Sophie Zbero specializes in mosaics. Working with different materials: glass, tiles, and earthen paving stones, by mixing colors they create beautiful pieces. Finally, her husband, Bernard Zbero, of Copiso, is a potter and ceramist. The animal world is his main inspiration such as fish and penguins, as well as sculptures. Bernard revolves around three technologies: Raku, flexible ceramics and smoked earth.

For these craftsmen, it is an exhibition that will not leave you indifferent. Open every day, Espace Denys-Puech from 10am-1pm and 2-7pm.

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