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Boxing: Tyson Fury closes the books by knockout at Deontay Wilder's expense in Round 11

Boxing: Tyson Fury closes the books by knockout at Deontay Wilder’s expense in Round 11

Having got into trouble early in the fight himself, Tyson Fury was finally able to retain the WBC Heavyweight title by defeating Deontay Wilder by knockout. In the eleventh round on Saturday evening in Las Vegas.

“It was tonight’s fight, a trio that deserves its place in history. I’m the best in the world, and he’s second,” Fury said after his victory.

The 33-year-old Briton remains undefeated in 32 fights over his record, including the draw conceding in December 2018 against the American he beat in February 2020.

Wilder started with great fanfare, seizing the initiative and pushing Fury back to win the first round.

Fury was more active then, and in the third round he sent his opponent to the ground for the first time on his right hand into the temple. The latter made it straight away and the end of the round came a few seconds later to give him time to come to his senses.

There was a major turnaround in the fourth attack, however, when Fury fell not once, but twice. But Fury was not disappointed with the rest of the fight, on the contrary, because he regained the upper hand.

Halfway through it was hard to choose between the two, but Fury continued to dominate the situation because Wilder didn’t have much to offer, exhausted. He often hit the void and fell back to the ground on a big right in the 10th round.

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Wilder fell like a brick for the last time in the eleventh attack and the official confirmed the immediate end of hostilities.

Unification against USIC?

In the end, Fury boasted glowing, effective boxing. Because teaching what has been seen in the ring is that his readiness, burdened by the COVID-19 he contracted this summer, postponing the fight, will focus only on strength, in a technical service that we already knew was higher than its American counterpart. Fury also announced his colors by promising to send Wilder to Earth “as if he had taken 36 tons in the buffet”.

The strategy has paid off, under the eyes of a few VIPs like former NBA stars Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal. All in front of 15,820 spectators at Fury, despite the notable absence of the usual strong British colony, which rushes to Las Vegas to pursue its exploits, but is denied it because the United States will not reopen its borders to the United States. Travelers have been vaccinated against the coronavirus compared to early November.

Fury can now look to unite a potential title against Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk, who created a huge upset last month when he unanimously defeated Anthony Joshua to snatch the WBA, WBO and IBF belts. Unless a rematch has taken place before between these two boxers.

For Wilder, 35 (two losses, 42 wins, one draw), this new failure must have been very difficult, because he gave it his all. So much so that the question of his future as a professional boxer arises.