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Boxing: Jake Paul defeats Anderson Silva by unanimous decision after knocking him out twice

Boxing: Jake Paul defeats Anderson Silva by unanimous decision after knocking him out twice

Jake Paul has once again made good on his promise in the ring, this time against Anderson Silva. The YouTuber was able to defeat the UFC legend twice in an eight-round fight in Glendale, Arizona.

By winning by unanimous decision (77-74, 78-73, 78-73) against Silva, Paul now has a 6-0 record as a professional boxer.

The two boxers had a close fight, but in the eighth round, Paul really delivered a strong killer to his legendary rival who was still able to continue the fight by delivering some good punches, but it wasn’t enough to impress the judges.

At the end of the fight, Jake Paul described his victory over his great model Anderson Silva as “unreal”. “He is my childhood idol. He inspired me to get good,” added Paul, who was very impressed with Silva.

It was the biggest challenge of Paul’s youth career against the 47-year-old veteran, who beat former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr when he left the UFC in 2020.

Jake Paul set the stage for his next fight by sending out invitations: “Nate Diaz, I want to fight you just like Canelo. You mentioned I couldn’t be a legend like Anderson Silva and I beat him. Well, that’s what I did. Anyone, anytime, anywhere.” . »

Hall talks about his experience against Bill

Former UFC fighter Uriah Hall made his successful pro debut by defeating Le’Veon Bell by unanimous decision.

All judges handed out cards 40-36 after the four-way duel where Hall’s athletic combat experience was stark.

Bell, a former NFL player, made his boxing debut. He had defeated another ex-football player, Adrian Peterson, in an exhibition match on September 10.

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Bell threw really well at the start of the third round after two secret first rounds on his part as Hall pressed him. Hall landed some good punches and finished the fencing well with two hard sulfurs.