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Boxing: Contested joint umpire between Jeremy Charlo and Brian Castano

Boxing: Contested joint umpire between Jeremy Charlo and Brian Castano

The welterweight unification battle between Jermyl Charlo and Brian Castano ended in a joint tie Saturday night at AT&T Center in San Antonio. The judges returned cards 114-113 for Castano, 117-111 for Charlo, and 114-114.

After the first round of observation, where the American was particularly passive, Charlo rocked Castano with a left hook at the tip of the chin of the second round. The Argentine faced his opponent in the next round, where Charlo appeared with a double left hook.

The following rounds were balanced, but Castano had the upper hand in the second part of the fight, being more energetic and pushing Charlo back.

The American finally came out of his shell in the 10th round and stunned Castano a few times, but without being sent to the carpet. He had the upper hand in the final rounds, but it seemed too late for the local boxer.

After the result was announced, Castano showed his lack of understanding and asked for a rematch.

The class’s four belts were on the line but the two champions left the titles in a row.

Romero Domain Yigit

At welterweight, Rolando Romero used his power to defeat Anthony Leggett by K.-O. In the seventh round.

Romero (14-0, 12 KOs) sent his opponent to the carpet three times.

Because the Yigit (24-2-1, 8 KOs) was too heavy at 5 pounds the day before while weighing, Romero’s temporary Lightweight Belt was not in play.

The latter fired several powerful punches in the first attack, and returned to the fourth, Yigit, who was injured under his left eye due to an elbow, and hardly touched the target.

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Romero threw his big right hands into seventh and took the second drop in the fight on a good combination. Yigit got up but the third time was too many.