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Boulet considers salary increases not necessary

Boulet considers salary increases not necessary

Unlike Prime Minister François Legault, who believes a wage increase is inevitable, the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity, Jean Boulet, does not believe such an increase will enhance the attractiveness of certain jobs.

Last week, Mr. Legault noted that the labor shortage meant employees now had a big end. “As a result, wages are increasing faster,” he said.

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But during a webinar organized by the Conseil du patronat du Québec (CPQ), Minister Boulet felt that it was not necessary to raise salaries in order to attract candidates, particularly in the restaurant sector.

“For restaurants, we have to invest in improving working conditions. I’m not going to be the one to say we have to raise salaries.

But according to him, employers can take several measures to be more attractive to young workers.

“I went to companies from different sectors, and there are some companies that have small gyms, cafeterias with windows, and flexible working hours. […]. And there are a lot of young people who will say, to me, it’s not about the big salary, it’s about the quality of life at work, collaboration, and teamwork.”

According to CPQ, an increase in wages will have an effect on inflation. “For companies with lower profit margins, all of this translates into higher costs and the consumer will pay the most,” said Carl Blackburn, president of CPQ.

According to Minister Boulet, upgrading skills, training and immigration will help Quebec fill 1.4 million vacant jobs by 2026. “About 20-22% of our workforce needs must be met by immigration,” he said.

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