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Boris Johnson's former right hand calls him "incompetent"

Boris Johnson’s former right hand calls him “incompetent”

Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s former right-hand man, on Friday launched a violent attack on the British Prime Minister, accusing him of incompetence and questioning his impartiality in several recent cases, which Downing Street denies.

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In a post posted on his website, this pro-Brexit advisor, the architect of the “Holiday” victory in the 2016 referendum, said that it was “sad to see the prime minister and his office backtracking so far from the level of competence and” integrity the country deserves. “

The influential and controversial adviser left the government under stormy conditions in November 2020.

He defended himself for the leaked SMS exchange that revealed the privileged access of industrialist James Dyson, who had made his fortune from home appliances, to the prime minister.

The BBC recently revealed this text message exchange, with James Dyson asking Boris Johnson, at the start of the pandemic, to “settle” the tax status of his employees who had to come to the UK to work on ventilators, at the government’s request. Boris Johnson would respond in March 2020, “I’ll make it up tomorrow!” We need you. “

Dominic Cummings also mentioned Boris Johnson’s plan to have work on his apartment funded by private donors. He explains that he refused to help him implement these projects and told him that they were “immoral, stupid, and possibly illegal.”

Johnson was also accused of trying to halt an internal investigation into leaks about a government decision to impose a new lockdown, which came last year after a cabinet meeting, because it was alleged that he placed an advisor close to his fiancée Carrie Symonds.

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The former advisor claims he responded to Boris Johnson that it was a “crazy” and “totally unethical” idea. Cummings says this episode “contributed to my decision to stick to my plan to leave Downing Street.”

One of his spokesmen responded that “the prime minister never interfered with an investigation into a government leak,” and also refuted the accusations relating to the Conservative leader’s apartment.

He added, “The government has always acted in accordance with the appropriate codes of conduct and the election law,” adding, “All donations have been announced and published in a transparent manner.”

Mr. Cummings offered to make available private letters to substantiate his claim and testify under oath to investigators, and suggested starting an urgent parliamentary investigation into the government’s behavior during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

These explosive accusations promptly gave rise to Labor opposition, with Angela Rayner, the No. 2 ranking in the Labor party, accusing the Conservative government of “swinging between cover-ups and deception.”

She added, “It shows a breathtaking disdain for the country,” believing that Boris Johnson’s party “was sinking deeper and deeper into the swamp of corruption.”