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Boris Johnson wants to "re-establish cooperation between France and England"

Boris Johnson wants to “re-establish cooperation between France and England”

The British Prime Minister is trying to reduce tensions. Boris Johnson proposed to Emmanuel Macron on Friday, September 24th “Restore Cooperation between France and the United Kingdom” Elysee made the statement after a meeting between the two leaders following the diplomatic crisis of the submarines.

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During this phone exchange that took place in the morning “On demand” From London, Mr. Johnson “Expressed its intention to re-establish cooperation (…) In line with our values ​​and our common interests (climate, Indo-Pacific, fight against terrorism, etc.). The President of the Republic replied that he was waiting for his plans. “, A brief press release from the French President’s Office continues.

The interview was conducted two days later An exchange between MM. Macron and Biden This made it possible to reset “Hope” On September 15, a strategic partnership between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, between Paris and Washington, resulted in the cancellation of a mega agreement to sell sub-French sailors in Canberra.

The recall of the French ambassador to London was unnecessary

Mr Macron has ruled that French Ambassador to the United States Philippe Etienne will return to Washington next week, while no decision has been announced on the return of the French ambassador to Australia, he recalled in Paris.

On the other hand, the withdrawal of the French ambassador to London was considered unnecessary because the head of diplomacy, Jean-Yves Le Trian, “Like the fifth wheel of the Great Britain coach in this matter”. “We know permanent opportunism” The British added the French Minister on 19 September.

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A sign of his dissatisfaction, Paris also canceled a meeting It was planned this week between Armed Forces Minister Florence Barley and his British envoy Ben Wallace.

Access Security Agreement “Not Exclusive”

Boris Johnson on Wednesday asked France in French to pull itself together: “Take a hold of this and give me a break,” in other words, “Keep calm, let me go.” He assured that there was no Axis Security Agreement concluded between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom in the Indo-Pacific region. “Not exclusive” And it didn’t try “Not to exclude anyone”.

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During this interview the French and British leaders also raised the subtle question of the large influx of immigrants crossing the channel illegally. Boris Johnson He reiterated the position of the United Kingdom [il faut] Breaking the business model of life-threatening immigrant smugglers “, Downing Street clarified, said the two leaders “I agree to intensify their cooperation on this issue.”

In recent months, bilateral relations have been hit hard by Brexit enforcement, especially fishing, and tensions arising from inadequate control by London, which has sought to reach the UK off the north coast of France.

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