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Jean-Michel Noirey a lui-même réalisé quelques œuvres pour l

Bonthwell. Old school will soon turn into a space for creativity

Jean-Michel Norry himself has produced some works for the current exhibition at the Old School of Bonthwell until August 31. (© Le Journal d’Abbeville)

Gallery of paintings in the classroom and workshops abroad: Reviving the old Ponthuel school in another form. Closed in 2018, it has been hosting technical meetings since July 1, 2021.

There is also an ephemeral exhibit in the Toddlers class, with pictures, paintings, and sculptures. Everything was organized by the actor Picard Jean-Michel Noiry, with his association “Theatre of the whole world”.

success in meeting

In total, more than twenty artists participate in July-August, such as actress Eva Darlan. There is also a restaurant every day for noon dining.

Eva Darlan is at school on Friday 13th August and Saturday 14th August to meet the public

This weekend, Eva Darlan is the guest star at the Théâtre du Monde Inter. The actress, who has been seen especially in the series “Fais pas ci, faire pas ça” and “Madame la Proviseure”, will meet the audience on Friday and Saturday afternoons, before the public readings of her play Homo Pater.

Meeting with the public on Friday and Saturday 14 August from 2 pm (all attendees).
General readings on Friday, August 13th from 5pm.

Free admission.

The place attracts visitors. During July, between 600 and 700 people went to the old school.

Former students came back to see their school

“We are in a culturally deserted sector,” laments Jean-Michel Noyeri, who saw the opportunity in this place and the idea of ​​bringing culture where it was lacking, and doing the symbolic act of reopening the school. It was an important social bond for the villagers. The actor said that the school is in a small town Lung. There we had the place and this closed and sad place.” The former students also returned to the scene, and moved. Jean-Michel rejoices: “She comes back to life and she is cheerful, and she re-establishes social relations.”

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A permanent reopening is scheduled for the spring

A success that spurs an even more ambitious project: the creation of a sustainable creative space in a city of 600 residents. Open year-round, it should include an 80-seat indoor theater in the existing gallery space, as well as a 250-seat outdoor green theater and educational garden, “a kind of open-air agora.” , according to Jean-Michel Noiry.

Free space will also be kept for other activities, and one of the classrooms, which has not moved since its closure, will serve as a reference class and will be able to accommodate conferences.

It was this project that motivated the artists to come to school in July and August. “They are there to support the project,” says the artist.

The village, located between Abbeville Street and close to the coast, attracts a large crowd.

“The first audience comes from here, but there are a lot of tourists too”

Jean-Michel NoiryThe actor behind the project

Inside the theater, new performances will be presented. “It will above all be a space for creativity, not for the dissemination of existing offerings,” says Jean-Michel.

The creation part will be honored with new performances who will then be invited to tour around France. “Experience, Create, Work, and Evolve.” These will be the keywords for this creative space.

Monitor training offers

The public will be able to participate in some of the exercises. “People will discover that on the dialogue page, you can spend three hours working there,” says Jean-Michel. “The theater is literal, it is long and tedious. I advise everyone to watch a rehearsal of the play.”

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But to be able to attend a rehearsal of a play at Ponthoile, you will have to wait a little longer. The event ends in its current location on August 31.

After that, the old school will close again, while some necessary work to rehabilitate the buildings is being carried out. Three to four months are scheduled for the school to prepare the project. The theater is scheduled to open in the spring of 2022.

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