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Bolton's disturbing confessions

Bolton’s disturbing confessions

John Bolton plays a central role in foreign policy circles inEstablishment American conservative.

Over the years, he held several government positions. He was a prominent ambassador to the United Nations, under George W. Bush, and a special adviser on national security, under Donald Trump. He is also a committed thinker.

He is associated with the hawks of the Republican Party, always ready to use military means to ensure the dominance of the American empire.


Two weeks ago, while commenting on the hearings on the events of January 6, 2021, he made a very special statement.

It certainly did not go unnoticed. But we didn’t pay enough attention to it. John Bolton explained that he was “involved in planning the coups,” adding that it took a lot of work, and that it wasn’t something to be left to the amateurs.

He said this would understand that the January 6 riots were not an attempted coup. But the main thing is elsewhere.

Thus John Bolton admitted, as if it were self-evident, that the United States, these great moral teachers all over the world, orchestrate coups according to their interests.

Of course we knew that.

But this thing is freely expressed, as if it were a vulgar among other things, as if the Americans had the right to regulate them, above all, it was an amazing thing.

We’ll see a form of Bolton’s own embarrassment, but also a very simple acknowledgment: The United States officially believes it has the right to meddle in other countries’ lives, overthrow their government, or at least, fund opposition parties and movements that suit them.

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They give themselves the right to formulate programs to mentally Americanize certain segments of the population, and lead them to confuse the interest of their country with those of Washington, as we see in the French suburbs.

And this does not include the many agencies that work to promote American ideology around the world. This imperialism has the audacity to present itself as a project to promote democracy.


We also know that between 2012 and 2014, the US intelligence services spied on Angela Merkel, who was then in charge of Germany. How nice to be an ally of the Americans!

Let’s say it again: Americans, even when they claim to be fighting for democracy, work first for their own interests – in their minds the two converge, even fuse.

Because it stood up to the Nazis and then the Communists, the United States assumed the role of leader of the free world in the twentieth century. They deserve our appreciation for that. But it is no longer like that today.

And no one should feel obligated to stand in solidarity with this decadent empire, which brings down those who submit to it in its collapse.