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#blockout2024 is gaining momentum on French social networks

#blockout2024 is gaining momentum on French social networks

The movement, called blockout2024, calls on Internet users to unsubscribe from the social networks of influential people, and to block the accounts of public figures who do not take a clear position in favor of the Palestinian cause. These online boycotts were born in the United States and are reaching France.

Keyword blockout2024 He appeared on May 6 in New York during the prestigious Met Gala. This event invites celebrities from film, music and the web to come and parade on the red carpet in extravagant outfits. The goal of this annual meeting is to obtain donations to support Met Gala Costume Institute Which includes the largest collection of historical clothing by fashion designers in the world.

But by chance, protesters marched not far from the Met Gala to demand an end to the bombing of Gaza and to send humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians. The rhinestones and sequin riots at the Met Gala, which were broadcast live on social networks at the same time as the demonstrations, had a knack for riling up netizens. In particular, when they found out about the comments made by the model Haley “Baylee” In a video on TikTok.

The influencer, who wore her best Sunday in a dress fit for the Palace of Versailles, released to the public the famous “quote” falsely attributed to the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette : ” If they don't have bread, eat brioche The comments were not related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but were immediately received poorly by netizens.

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The “digital guillotine” falls on the heads of celebrities

Netizens, demanding that these Met Gala figures clearly position themselves on behalf of Palestinians, have created the #blockout2024 movement. He encourages Internet users to stop following the social networks of celebrities who do not care about the fate of Gazans. Starting in the United States, calls for a boycott eventually reached France. Instagram page blockout2024 From France and those created on TikTok collect about 50,000 subscribers. ” Blocking celebrities prevents algorithms from displaying their content in news feeds. This reduces their audience, and thus their income. », Identify these social accounts managed by anonymous internet users.

A list of more than 250 personalities to “block” is circulating online

Among the identified targets are, for example, singer Zazi, astronaut Thomas Pesquet or even athletes such as Kylian Mbappé or Zinedine Zidane. The effectiveness of these calls for a boycott remains very moderate at the moment, according to estimates by the Influence Marketing agency. RichWhich has approximately 5,000 fewer subscribers to comedian Jamal Debbouze, or 2,500 to host Cyril Hanouna. A drop in the ocean for those celebrities who have millions of followers online. On the other hand, more than 50,000 Internet users unsubscribed from football player Antoine Griezmann.

However, some influencers on the 2024 ban list are now posting content in favor of Palestine. In particular, this photo, which has been shared more than 40 million times on Instagram, shows a camp for displaced people from the Gaza Strip, with their tents in the center of the photo forming the phrase “ All eyes are on Rafah That is, “all eyes are on Rafah.” This photo was taken by Amnesty International by a photographer in Malaysia, three days after the Israeli raid on a refugee camp in Gaza.

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