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Blaze and the Monster Machines – City Engine Drivers: Launch Trailer

Outright Games And Nickelodeon Today we announce the launch of the video game Blaze and the Monster Machines – City Drive Drivers The first video game on Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, Stadia and PC, based on the hit animated series: Blaze and the Monster Machines.

Join Blaze, his pilot AJ and the other characters, Starla, Pickle, Crusher and many more, for a fast-paced, action-packed karting experience! With customizable characters with unique abilities, STEM educational features, and automatic driving with simple optional controls, this game is completely accessible for young children.

But the fun isn’t just for young players! With the 4-player split screen feature, family and friends can also join the exciting action in a race to the finish line.

Blaze and the Monster Machines is a CG animated series first released in 2014 on Nickelodeon that follows eight-year-old driver AJ and his Monster Truck Blaze. They live exciting adventures that tackle educational topics like motion physics, science and math problems, technology of everyday objects, and more. The series is now in its sixth season on Nick Jr and Nickelodeon and is available worldwide on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Netflix and is now broadcasting on Paramount+ in the US.

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