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‘Black Evening’: Sophie Durocher wants answers and pulls her claws out

Sophie Durocher is undoubtedly a difficult conversationalist. She knows how to ask the right questions, the ones that will allow everyone to fully understand the situation. But when the answers are slow… Brother!

In her QUB Radio microphone, we can tell that she wanted to get to the bottom of things about this event, which will take place on February 17th. We remind you that, on February 17, the National Center for the Arts presents an evening dedicated to the black community.

“It was done in Toronto,” said Annabelle Cloutier, NAC’s general manager of strategy and communications, in an interview with Sophie Durocher.

MI Cloutier claimed that the introduction of the coin Is God It aims to celebrate Black History Month, and that everyone is welcome to the parade.

However, the warning on the Ticketmaster website, which sells tickets, is clear. It is about “representing the masses of identifying blacks”. This is a statement that has been changed to “clarify the language,” according to MI Cloutier.

We can tell it’s an interview to say the least…muscular, on a very sensitive topic. We let you rule!

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