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"Black" Egypt, Wakanda Taken Literally... When History Becomes Racist

“Black” Egypt, Wakanda Taken Literally… When History Becomes Racist

The satirical sensation of 2021, an Abel Quentin novel Sir Etampes (The Observatory) read about the life of a failed academic who dedicates a book to a deceased American poet, forgetting to specify that he is black. From there, the Identity Dogs were unleashed: despite campaigning for SOS Racisme during his youth, he became the enemy to be killed, by his platform color blind This cosmic lack of differentiation is downright nauseating. However, the ethnicity of cultural and political life began long before Quentin took up his pen. When it comes to historical discourse, reality has long gone beyond imagination.

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At the end of 2010, it sparked a controversy among the ranks of Africans at the Collège de France. François-Xavier Fauvel Aymar, a French historian, archaeologist and specialist on Africa, was finally elected to head African history. However, it was not won: a feud raged between Paris-VII, a faculty who championed the idea of ​​decolonization and considered struggles more important than science, and Paris-I, which claims a tougher approach. The anti-Fauvelle front exposed the discord and competition between the supporters of Eurocentrism and Afrocentricity. reinforcedPostcolonial studies The latter attributes the fatherhood of humanity and civilization to ancient Egypt, and thus to Africa. Based on the work of the Senegalese researcher, Cheikh Anta Diop, who in Negro countries and culture (African Existence), 1954 presented Egypt as a black civilization.

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