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Bite Benoit Brier

Bite Benoit Brier

Benoit Brier received directing baptism while filming the short film die alivewhich was first unveiled at the Les Percéides Festival in Gaspé. He promises to repeat at the first opportunity.

“I’m going to commit to myself again. I’ve been directing theater and opera, so I knew I would one day, but never leave the game, because I’m a theater bug,” confirms Benoit Brier, who is currently at Percy.

For his first film, he had a golden theme in his hand: the end of the life of eminent pediatrician Luc Chequin, as told by his son Jean-Francois during a holiday dinner.

Immediately, Benoit Brier watched a movie there. He suggested to his friend Jean-Francois, who had already collaborated with André Forcier, to write a screenplay. The latter replied that in that case, he would have to play in it and realize it.

“We got to the sixth bottle of wine, so I said yes,” Benoit Brier remembers with a laugh.

” fairy tale “

He did not regret. After a few years of writing, filming is finally possible after the first wave of COVID-19.

According to Benoit Brier, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place as if by magic, whether it was during the search for a producer, filming director, actors (provided by Marcel Saborin replying) or ‘post-production’. Team.

“This movie is like a fairy tale,” notes Benoit Brier.

Example: Esther, wife of Jean-François Chicwen, is a notary for Elise Gilbolt. Who herself plays the role of Esther in the movie.

“When I asked her if she wanted to play Esther, she replied, ‘I don’t just like it, but I don’t know her very much in life.'”

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busy man

unveiling of die alive It’s not the only activity on Benoit Brier’s agenda during his stay in Bercy.

And so we will see it in another short film, RosaFacing Theodore Bellerin, he also wears the hat of the head of the jury in the second part of Perseids.

die alive It will be presented to the public prior to the award ceremony which Benoit Briere is scheduled to attend at the closing ceremony on Sunday. “Just to get on the nerves,” he says, eager to see how audiences will receive his film.

  • This is the movie like a waveWritten by Marie-Julie Dallaire, who launched the festival on Tuesday night. A total of 80 films from 15 countries will be shown through Sunday. To consult the program: Realize.