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Bill Habitat Bankruptcy: About 100 people were directly affected بشكل

Bill Habitat Bankruptcy: About 100 people were directly affected بشكل

In the wake of TVA Nouvelles reporting the $30 million bankruptcy of real estate developer Laval Bel-Habitat, and its owner Luc Perrier, we learned about a hundred people would be directly affected, including many future homeowners.

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Wednesday, It issued a statement saying the organization had received several calls from consumers concerned about bankruptcy. GCR has announced the creation of a support service in order to simplify its procedures.

“The items that have been reported to us since Monday are very sad, even shocking. We know how concerned consumers are at the moment and want to give them maximum support, consistent with what is stipulated in the regulation regarding the New Residential Buildings Guarantee Scheme,” As confirmed by Daniel Laplante, Chairman and CEO of GCR.

Over the next few hours, affected consumers will receive a call from the GCR to explain the procedure to them and provide personal support to help them complete the documents required under the regulation, such as the whistleblower form and complaint form. In fact, GCR will offer one-to-one meeting for every consumer who desires it.

Once the information regarding Bel-Habitat’s bankruptcy was notified to GCR, its accreditation was immediately withdrawn. The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) also withdrew its license.

GCR would also like to reassure consumers who have acquired a home built by Bel Habitat Inc. In recent years and is still protected by the GCR. The application of the guarantees continues, according to the deadlines set by the regulations, despite the bankruptcy of Bel-Habitat Inc.

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Consumers will have to indicate that they are calling about the Bel Habitat bankruptcy and this line will be available from 6pm. The number to call is 1-800-661-8193. More information can be found on the GCR website next one.