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Big role on TV by Sandrine Besson

Big role on TV by Sandrine Besson

Actress Sandrine Besson landed the main role for the TV series Berry timeA comedy-drama film written by Florence Longbury and directed by Filip Vallardo, whose story revolves around the world of agriculture. Filming starts today in Varenne.

In this one-hour ten-episode series, dedicated to Club Ilico, Sandrine Besson brings to life Elizabeth, the mother of a rebellious teen and a deaf boy who decided to take over her husband’s family farm. Died. Not knowing much about agriculture, she will have to learn about this new environment, as she faces invading in-laws and the challenges of managing a group of foreign seasonal workers.

The interview took place at magazineSandrine Besson admits that she fell in love with this character from the moment she was invited to the audition.

“He’s got a lot of flaws, but he also has a lot of qualities,” she asserts.

“You could say that she is a complicated woman, but I find her perfect. Her husband dies at the beginning of the series so we quickly get to the heart of the drama. It’s weird to say that, but it is a pleasure to play the drama. I’ve always liked the combination of light and drama. We’ll feel the drama in the series,” But it is well written so that the audience can laugh and cry at the same time. “

For this first central role in a TV series, the actress is known to have played Ricardo Trougi’s mother in the comedy 1981, 1987 And the 1991 He will play alongside Elia Patrice, Xavier Chalvo, Michel Lankott, Paul Doucet, Ellen David and Nicole LeRoux.

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To play the role of a seasonal worker, Felipe Vallardo also recruits Edison Ruiz, an actor who was recently seen in the Mexican version of the popular series. Narcos.

Produced by Trio Orange in association with Quebecor Content, Berry time It will be the first television fiction series to be directed by Filip Vallardo, the filmmaker Mr. LazharAnd the It’s not me, I swear! And the Senti Salinger. It was he himself who suggested to Florence Longbury (can you hear me ?) To write the script for this series based on an idea he has had on his mind for more than a decade.

Author Susie Bouchard (ALT, time is dangerous) Co-signs the script for the series while Martin Lyon, Valardo’s loyal collaborator, composes the music.

take photo Berry time It will continue until September. The ten episodes of the series will be landing at Ilico Club next spring.