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Big Party at Bell Center: A Liberal Pub Denouncing Injustice

Big Party at Bell Center: A Liberal Pub Denouncing Injustice

Ray Janney, who owns the Luxuria Complex, a liberal bar, denounces the inequality between big players like Bell Center and smaller establishments like himself.

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“Why can the Bell Center test this experiment and we can’t do it on a smaller scale. We have 100-150 people max. From the pollinated world, from the world with their masks that could just stand up quite simply instead of doing it at the hotel or at a party at home. It is unacceptable that big corporations like Bell Center organize such events where we can see people dancing. No one will get tickets, no slap on the wrist, and they will not lose their liquor license. If the same situation happened in our establishment, we would have a big report to management, And we probably had a month-long shutdown, which is unfair,” the owner of the Luxuria complex laments.

According to him, the innkeepers know that they have no room for error because of the bad presses of the past year, and therefore they apply all government measures, but they would like to have more freedom.

“We are always careful, everyone must be screened upon entering, mask wearing is mandatory in the establishment, we do our best to ensure that people respect the procedures, but when we see the Bell Center filled this way in the dance process while we are doing the dance try to survive. We are simply trying to cover Our costs, that’s not acceptable.”

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Some argue that ventilation in stands like the Bell Center is more sophisticated than in smaller establishments. For the owner of the Luxor complex, this is not always true.

You should see our ventilation system, it’s huge. Once we put the two pocans in our light shows, within 30 seconds it already has more pocans, so we have a good ventilation system, so I think it has two weights”

Listen to the full interview in the video above.