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Big love wave for Roxane Bruneau at the Videotron Center

Big love wave for Roxane Bruneau at the Videotron Center

At the end of the song Acrophobia, which launched her performance, at the Videotron Center, Roxane Bruno, with her hand on her heart, seemed to be in shock. There was enough. She had just received a huge wave of love from the 8,000 spectators present.

I cried. I thought, until 6 p.m., I wouldn’t be able to do this show. I didn’t expect you to fill in. You’re all there gang,” she fired, full of energy, during her first interjection.

The 32-year-old writer, author and performer was in Old D.C. Friday for the first two final shows of her Acrophobia Tour, which kicked off two years ago and will end April 14 at the Bell Center.

The tour ends with enhanced performances as it chooses to put all the gum on it with big lights and three giant screens, including an oversized screen, video and even jets of flame. It’s a big deal for her to pass through these two grandstands.

When the Videotron Center lights went out at 8:06 p.m., the phone’s lights turned on to illuminate the venue and screams were heard.

We see the author, composer, and performer in filmed sequences, excerpts from interviews are heard over the loudspeakers and, suddenly, she appears on a platform that rises above the ground. Great entrance, with acrophobia, to start the evening.

Roxanne, Roxanne, Roxanne

After the first intervention, she brought her fans into her world with the play Welcome to the Circus.

On the board, “Sylvie,” her version of Siri, is present and occasionally makes surprisingly amusing comments. Roxanne Bruno talks frequently about her “stand-up” moments throughout her performance. We were afraid at one point that it would break the tempo of the show, but she balanced it all out really well.

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She is also accompanied by four seasoned musicians with guitarist Mathieu Brisset, bassist Marco DeGanes, keyboardist Joe Annie Bordeaux and drummer Olivier Savoy-Campeau, with whom she will perform a drum duet during C’est n’importe quoi (Oulalala).

Right before this song, fans start chanting “Roxanne, Roxanne, Roxanne” to cheer her up. In response, she made a heart sign with her hands.

8,000 people, in crowded formation, as sections 200 and 300 were closed, loudly sang Love me again and Des p’tits de toi. Some spectators in the stands are singing with great force.

During the bouts of Des p’tits de toi, guitarist Mathieu Brisset releases the piece in a very rock style, on an above-ground platform. Roxanne Bruneau does the same, on another platform, in front of a full moon photo.

A few minutes later, during “I Don’t Know I Don’t Know”, she arrives on stage on a motorcycle, with a beard and mustache, in the company of Chloe DeBlois and a giant beaver.

” Thanks “

A little messy at the beginning of the performance, the sound improves greatly, becoming very good, from the song Le Petit Soldier, the sixth title of the performance.

Before Crazy Glue, which was written for her lover, Roxanne Bruno gladly enjoyed her revenge on her high school physical education teacher.

“Daniel, remember you told me I would never do anything good with my life because I wasn’t good at dribbling?” ”, during a clip filmed for TikTok. “Hi Danielle! The audience answered in full voice. The message was clear.

After a few excerpts from Mario Belchat’s Tears in the Rain, Margo’s Profocante, and Diam’s Confessions nocturnes, Roxane Bruneau began the main part of her program, which ended with À ma way and J’pas pressureée.

Overwhelmed by this sign of love from the audience, which unfolded throughout the evening, Roxane Bruneau put her hand over her heart several times.

“Thank you for making me experience this. Everything I live for is thanks to you guys. I will never get over it. I just had the most hurtful experience of my life and I was having it with you.”