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Biden's bump: 'A disastrous picture', says expert

Biden’s bump: ‘A disastrous picture’, says expert

During his diplomatic meeting with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia this week, Joe Biden, rather than shaking his hand, chose a “fist,” citing the COVID-19 context. His gesture must have caused an uproar.

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“Biden’s image is very poor. What this highlights, between respect for human rights and strategic interests, unfortunately, human rights are second. Biden says he spoke about human rights with MBS. What did they say to each other? Few things emerged from their meeting,” So thinks Luc Laliberte, a specialist in American politics.

It is noteworthy that the US intelligence services identified Mohammed bin Salman as responsible for the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an American citizen.

That is why the US president said during the election campaign that he would make Saudi Arabia and the prince the heirs of the pariahs on the international stage. “This is where Biden has to change his rhetoric and his stance,” Mr. Laliberte said.

“There are more and more elected officials and Democratic voters who want another candidate in 2024. Usually Biden is the best at foreign policy. Diplomacy is always tough. Sometimes you have to put aside your values ​​and ideals. But, at home, in the United States, It didn’t go well,” Mr. Laliberte thought.

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