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Le premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson et le président américain Joe Biden.

Biden was not involved in the trade deal with the UK

On Tuesday, September 21, US President Joe Biden withdrew from any commitment to a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom. “Debates continue”, Receiving the British Prime Minister and issuing a warning in Northern Ireland. “We have to work on it”, He said, with Boris Johnson at the White House, to answer the question about the trade deal, the British are eager to decide. “Discussions will continue” In this regard, the US President reiterated.

Joe Biden also warned “Not at all” See “Change Irish border” Following Brexit, it promises to be a question of a possible trade deal “Two Different Lessons”. Last week, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, chair of the US House of Representatives, clearly linked respect for the peace agreement in Northern Ireland – which provides the Republic of Ireland’s open border – for any talks with London.

The British government is currently embroiled in post-Brexit talks with the European Union over specific tariff arrangements for the British province.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson greeted the Oval Office on Tuesday “Great Progress” Recent developments in the relationship between London and Washington. Thus he qualified “Fantastic” Removal of restrictions on foreign travelers wishing to enter the United States. Boris Johnson hailed the newly concluded strategic agreement between his country, the United States and Australia, which provoked the anger of France.

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