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Biden is ready to negotiate the infrastructure plan

Biden is ready to negotiate the infrastructure plan

(Washington) Joe Biden reiterated on Monday that he was ready to negotiate the purpose and funding of his infrastructure investment plan, which would face harsh criticism from Republicans and reluctance among some Democrats.

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Eager to show his willingness to reach a consensus, the US president invited Republican and Democratic lawmakers to the White House to discuss the plan, which has raised about $ 2 trillion in eight years.

“I am ready to negotiate the scale of my infrastructure plan and how to fund it,” he said before starting the meeting at the Oval Office.

He emphasized that the meeting was a two-way street with elected Republicans and Democrats.

No Republican support

Joe Biden has so far received no support from Republicans for the plan, which, according to him, could create “millions of jobs” in the fight against climate change and allow the United States to overtake China as the first world power.

“I think everyone agrees that we need a big improvement in infrastructure,” the White House tenant continued.

“It’s not just roads and bridges,” Biden said in response to Republicans’ criticism of the project as a collection of projects that have little to do with infrastructure.

Not only are roads, bridges, railways, and airports in poor condition, but in addition to investing in high-speed Internet networks, it offers significant investments rather than helping electric vehicles, schools and homes. Assistant Department or Research and Development.

Citing the example of President Franklin Roosevelt and his famous “New Deal” program launched in the 1930s to wake the United States into crisis after the stock market crash of 1929, Joe Biden says he wants to change the country by the end of the Cowit 19.

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He wants to fund his project by raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. Another point of tension with Republicans.

A liberal note, McConnell says

“Less than 6% of this plan goes to roads and bridges,” Republican Senator Mitch McConaughey rebuked Monday. Democrats are “trying to convince everyone that any policy can be called ‘infrastructure’.”

He told the chamber that the Biden plan would include “the biggest tax increase in a generation.”

If the Democrat leader says he is open to negotiations, Republicans will vividly remember the narrow debate over the grand $ 1900 billion plan to support the economy, which was approved in March.

The White House and Democrats in Congress chose an exceptional path that would allow the Republicans to implement the plan without it.

They can choose that option again for the infrastructure project. But the support of all Democrats in the Senate, which is essential for its acceptance, is not yet guaranteed.