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Biden delivers his presidential speech to Congress

Biden delivers his presidential speech to Congress

(Washington) A White House spokesman said that Joe Biden agreed on Tuesday to deliver his first political speech to Congress on April 28, shortly before his symbolic 100-day term.

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According to tradition, and after months of suspense, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, in a message Tuesday, invited him to “share his vision to meet the challenges and opportunities of this historic moment” as his administration tries to emerge from the pandemic and raise the economy of the world’s leading power.

President Joe Biden agreed to deliver the speech on April 28, “the day before his 100th speech.”e Mandate Day, “a White House spokesman said.

Presidents of the United States usually make this policy speech before both Houses of Congress, which meet in extraordinary session, in the first weeks of their mandate.

In later years, their address before Congress was called the State of the Union Address.

This time, the COVID-19 pandemic and the deadly attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, combined with concerns over the security of the US Congress headquarters, have postponed this major political meeting.

“Nearly 100 days ago, when I took the oath, I swore in the hope of“ Help is coming. ”Nancy Pelosi, a close ally of Joe Biden, said in her message:“ Now, thanks to your historic judgment, seeking a profound transformation, help has arrived. ” .

The Democrat has not decided what form he will take, in the midst of the pandemic, that usually speeches before the hundreds of parliamentarians and guests gathered in the circulation.

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