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Biden calls for maintaining the United States' “sacred commitment” to NATO

Biden calls for maintaining the United States' “sacred commitment” to NATO

On Thursday, Joe Biden called for maintaining the United States' “sacred commitment” to NATO, against the backdrop of repeated criticism by his Republican rival, Donald Trump, of the transatlantic defense alliance.

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The US President wrote in press statements: “We must remember that the sacred commitment we made to our allies, to defend every inch of NATO territory, also strengthens our security and gives the United States a fortress unparalleled in the world.” Statement issued on the occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of NATO.

NATO “is the largest military alliance ever,” said the 81-year-old Democrat, who will run for re-election in November, “but it did not happen by chance and it was not an inevitable outcome either.”

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Facing him will find Donald Trump. The 77-year-old Republican Pole sparked a state of panic in Europe when he threatened last February not to guarantee the protection of NATO countries against Russia if they did not allocate a sufficient budget for their defense.

He later confirmed that these statements were a means of “negotiating” and putting pressure on the Europeans.

He recently said: “Don't forget that all of this is more important to them than to us. We have an ocean that separates us from some problems.” “Big, beautiful ocean.”

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On the contrary, Joe Biden presents himself as the first defender of NATO, and as one who contributed to strengthening the alliance with the entry of Finland and Sweden.