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Biden asserts that China has “not handed over” weapons to Russia at this point

Joe Biden said Friday from Ottawa that China has “not handed over” weapons to Russia at this point, despite concerns expressed by Westerners about it.

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He said, “It’s been three months now that I’ve heard that China is going to supply important weapons to Russia… This doesn’t mean they won’t, but they haven’t.” A trip to his Canadian neighbor.

“I don’t underestimate China. I don’t underestimate Russia,” he added, adding that reports of their rapprochement may have been “exaggerated.”

On the contrary, Joe Biden insisted on strengthening relations between Westerners. “If anything,” he said, speaking of a “united” alliance, “it is that the West has tightened up considerably.”

During a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Moscow this week, the Russians and the Chinese, for their part, welcomed the entry into a “new era” of their “special relationship”.

But while the Chinese leader promised moral support and a commercial lifeline, he refrained from supplying weapons to Russian soldiers serving in Ukraine, which could have triggered Western sanctions against his country.

Nor was there a long-term commitment to purchase large quantities of Russian gas, whose exports to Europe had collapsed, leaving a huge hole in Russia’s finances.

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