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Biden and Facebook clash over misinformation

Biden and Facebook clash over misinformation

Voices arose Friday between the White House and Facebook about misinformation about vaccines: Joe Biden accused him of “killing people” and the latter dismissed the criticism, saying “save lives.” That’s all. “

“They kill people. The only disease we have is those that do not get vaccinated. They kill people, ”he said in response to a question about what his message to groups like Facebook was that he was about to leave the White House by helicopter.

The response from Mark Zuckerberg’s team was not long, and it’s very bad: “Facts show that Facebook helps save lives, time,” the social network promised in a statement. “We will not be sidelined by facts-based allegations,” the panel responded.

He argues, “More than 2 billion people have found official information about the vaccine COVID-19 and Facebook on Facebook like nowhere else. More than 3.3 million Americans have used our tool to find out where and how to get the vaccine. ”

The White House, which is concerned that the vaccine campaign will be hampered in the same way as it has caused an upsurge in cases of the spread of delta diversity, has clearly tightened its tone against large technology groups and called for a further fight against misinformation.

Recurrence of variance

Misinformation “loses lives,” U.S. Chief Medical Officer Vivek Murthy said Friday.

“Technology groups have allowed misinformation to contaminate our environment,” he added, calling on misinformation to act “quickly and consistently against the biggest distributors.”

“The news reaching us is clear: we are beginning to see an epidemic unknown,” Rochelle Valensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a federal public health agency, told a news conference on Friday.

They kill people. The only disease we have is those that do not get vaccinated.

Over the past seven days, the U.S. has reported an average of 27,800 new cases daily – an increase of 64% over the previous week – 2,890 hospitalizations (36%) and 223 deaths (38%).

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“Unknown people represent almost all hospitals and deaths,” said Jeff Giants, the White House response to epidemics.

The re-emergence of this disease is triggered by delta variability, which now represents more than 80% of new cases, according to Special Site Cove-Spectrum.

Vaccines currently offered in the United States are very effective in protecting against Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, but the vaccine campaign in the country has declined significantly in recent weeks.

Joe Biden’s goal of having 70% of adults get at least one dose of the vaccine by July 4, National Day, has not been met. This rate will be 68% after 12 days.

Biden government spokeswoman Jen Saki had already specifically targeted Facebook on Thursday.

“There are about 12 people who produce 65% of the anti-vaccine misinformation on social media. All are active on Facebook and have been banned from some other sites,” he said.

“Facebook needs to be fast to remove dangerous and offensive messages, and messages that break their rules often last for days. It’s too long, ”said Jen Saki.

Vaccines for Africa

As the epidemic progresses in the United States, the country will send 25 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to Africa, where the epidemic is also experiencing a new outbreak, senior U.S. and African officials told the AFP on Friday.

Exports should start in the coming days. According to the same sources, a total of 49 African countries will receive Johnson & Johnson, Modern or Pfizer size.

Djibouti and Burkina Faso, who worked first, will receive 151,200 doses of Johnson & Johnson, while Ethiopia will receive 453,600 doses, a senior Biden government official said.

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The operation is being carried out in collaboration with various organizations, including the African Union and Kovacs, the World Health Organization’s distribution mechanism and the International Saffron Vaccine Alliance.

The rapid spread of the delta variation is raising fears of a new eruption of cases around the world, with Washington’s announcement coming with a particularly pronounced impact on Africa.

The number of deaths associated with COVID-19 on the continent has risen by 43% in a week, the World Health Organization warned on Thursday, indicating a lack of resuscitation sites and a lack of medical oxygen.

“The Fiden government is committed to guiding the global response to the epidemic,” said Gayle Smith, who coordinates COVID-19 issues within the US State Department.

The African Union’s special envoy, Strive Maseva, said the vaccines sent by the United States were a step towards the AU’s goal of vaccinating 60% of the continent ‘population, “especially at the moment of the third wave in many African countries.”

The Biden government has already set aside $ 80 million for international distribution and has pledged to contribute $ 2 billion to the Kovacs initiative.

Washington wants to buy 500 million doses of Pfizer vaccine for distribution to the African Union and 92 developing countries. To date, the United States has already donated a total of 40 million doses, which have been shipped worldwide, according to the White House.

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