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Biden 2024: We Shouldn't

Biden 2024: We Shouldn’t

While the media have only the public hearings of the commission investigating the January 6, 2021 assault, the Democratic president continues to sink and his approval ratings plummet only 39%, dropping for the third time in a row.

Democrats are getting more and more worried and less and less conservative about this. With the exception of a few states like Georgia, we will avoid linking Joe Biden with the candidates for the midterm elections in November.

By itself, it is not unusual or abnormal that, after the first two years of a president’s term, he is unpopular. What is it, heavyweights like David Axelrod, a journalist and political advisor, are already expressing their skepticism about running for 2024 too early.

Everything is going really fast

In April 2021, I separated myself from the script In a possible second term I ended the title with a question mark. I pull it off without reservation. Of course, 46e The boss did not take advantage of the convenient context, but everything is going very quickly for him.

The person who really embodied compromise and inspired confidence, if only as an option for Donald Trump, could not implement many of his most promising projects. Democrats are divided and Biden no longer has the necessary control.

If the midterm elections are as bad as they have been announced, Joe Biden will indeed be considered.”duck blade‘, the lame duck who will weight the 2024 election.

Very Old

I mentioned David Axelrod’s suspicions above. Among the factors he brought up to rule out Biden, there is one that might offend some sensitivities: age. Even if he is one of the few observers to confirm this, the former Obama adviser isn’t alone in believing that at 82 years old, Biden will be very old in 2024.

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For strategists, it doesn’t matter whether Biden’s record includes such high-profile things as restoring relations with NATO countries and offering a generous economic stimulus package, or whether he has brought morality and normalcy back to the White House, he is old and, above all, he looks like him.

Having been an energetic and lively speaker, he lost his luster. Looking at him, one keeps his advanced age only to the extent of old age without benefiting from his vast experience. Instead of being seen as wise, he is seen as a politician from another era.

Being President of the United States is stressful, and younger men have attested to the brutal nature of this stressful job. Joe Biden did what was expected of him, and Trump took out. His departure is now desirable, but it brings up a question that few analysts or members of the Democratic Party would dare to answer: Who will replace him?