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Bianca Gervais lands the role of her dreams

Bianca Gervais lands the role of her dreams

Bianca Jervis doesn’t hide it, the past few months have been intense in terms of filming.

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“I was playing in two series at the same time too pearls And the perfect moments, so it was a big whirlwind. But I have to say I’m really happy to play this mother role pearls. It’s a role I’ve dreamed of and been waiting for for a long time. When I went to church with my grandmother, she would always make me light a wish lamp. It was this desire to get such a role someday. It really is a great gift! My character has a severe mental burden. She is a mother who gives everything for her children and dedicates herself completely to it. Then, one day, she will decide to take time for herself. It will change his life… but not for the better! Tells the actress about this series for Eleco Club.

She was also finishing filming when we met her. “I will enter a cocoon period at home with my daughters. For my quarantine, I want to go out, produce and write. My friend and I are writing our first TV drama now. I will take advantage of this quieter period to work on it!”

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