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Bézier: a new space for café users, expanded and modern

Bézier: a new space for café users, expanded and modern

The Hérault organization inaugurated on April 12, on its site in Place De-Gaulle, in the heart of Béziers, an area of ​​450 square meters to support the public in its online actions. A real choice.

Café de l’Hérault now welcomes users in Béziers in a completely renovated, modern and bright space directly overlooking Place De-Gaulle.

Since April 12, in fact, after a year of work, the organization has opened this new reception with an area of ​​450 square metres, or 250 square meters more than its predecessor. While all steps are done online, maintaining and promoting a place open to the public in the heart of Bezier is a real option.

“We have beneficiaries who have difficulty using digital tools, we have fragile families, and they have to come see us”confirms Thierry Mathieu, Director of Café de l’Hérault. “Hence the principle of this structure is accessible every day.”

There are three distinct spaces: “A pre-reception where the beneficiary will submit his request; a digital space where we adapt to the different levels of autonomy; a meeting space”says Simon Surrett, Director of Services.

In front of one of the available screens, Soizic spends a brief moment: “I have a case in progress, I had a few pieces to make. It’s better here, otherwise I’m on my cell phone, I don’t have a computer”she explained.

“They are brought to the tool”

“In the Béziers living area, we have 35% of beneficiaries whose benefits account for more than 50% of the resources, compared to 25.5% in the department”I would like to emphasize Thierry Mathieu. “It’s obviously important to them.” In a pleasant place, recipients “It is brought to the tool” And “assured”. Thanks to the dual screen system, for example – a device specific to Biterrois – the agent can accompany the recipient in their online progress, Virginie explains.

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In a small room, four stations are also dedicated to training users on their way to autonomy.

after opening, “We launched a survey. 91% of those surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with their care”Simon Surrett noted.

A total of 2.8 million euros have been invested

Figures At the end of 2017, Café de l’Hérault acquired the former building of CPAM, adjacent to it. The rehabilitation work of 3,000 square meters is still in progress. At the end of 2023, the De-Gaulle site will be renovated with approximately 5,000 square meters and 294 employees will work.

Total project 2.8 million euros “Funded by Sale of Holiday Center”Café de l’Hérault manager Thierry Mathieu confirms.

At the moment, 208 people work in De-Gaulle. A month ago, their number was 137. Before returning the various services (especially the national) pre-installed on the La Dullague website.

“We have created 121 permanent contracts over the past six years”, also defines Biterrois. Beziers now focus 40% of the departmental workforce at CAF.

Between 200 and 300 users come to Café de Béziers every day, that’s about 4,000 people a month.