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Windows 11 22H2 update

Beware of the new update if you are using an Nvidia card

Some gamers using Nvidia graphics cards are complaining of a sharp drop in performance and display issues with the new version of Windows 11, which Microsoft has started rolling out.

Windows 11 started to release files 2022 update (also known as 22H2) for Windows 11. But despite extensive internal testing and as part of the Windows Insider Program, operational issues may occur. This is the case with some users who use Nvidia graphics cards. Share it on Microsoft forums and reddit. Thus, netizen ChoPT shares his problems with his 3080 Ti:

“I had serious performance issues, especially in games (this also completely disabled Gsync). It drops to around 30fps randomly from about 120fps, in non-graphically intensive tests. Image doesn’t wait for it to rip. »

He says he saw the same issues when he tested the preview version for Insider members.

Other users refer to Microsoft Forums Screen slowdown and stuttering effects, with CPU usage reduced from 60% to just 5% when gaming.

Nvidia has started to respond reddit Under the guise of Manuel Guzman, who takes care of customer relations (pseudo pidge2k):

“Can you share more details? Which games? Do you have other apps running in the background? Do you have overlay software running in a game like Game Bar or GeForce Experience?”

It also asks users who encounter difficulties in completing a file appearance, so that the manufacturer has as much data as possible to understand the cause and solution of the problem. So we’ll have to be patient while we wait for the driver update, assuming Microsoft isn’t responsible either. Another solution is to go back to the previous version of the operating system, if possible.

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Note that Windows 11 update rollout is done incrementally, which is why many users have yet to see it appear in Windows Update. Also, some are complaining about difficulties while downloading with the error sometimes appearing 0x800f0806.

While attention is currently focused on Windows 11, Microsoft has not forgotten about Windows 10. The publisher has just announced that the 22H2 update will be Available in October. Remember that Windows 10 will continue to receive updates until October 14, 2025.

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