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Between Us: Collaboration and Betrayal on Sony Devices in 2021

Between Us: Collaboration and Betrayal on Sony Devices in 2021

Across TwitterInnerSloth studio announced its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 ports Hits Between us.

These releases will be distributed at a later time in 2021 with Exclusive elements of ratchet and rattling : Costume, hat and companion!

As confirmed, a company between us is also working on the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

About between us

The objective of the game depends on the role that was assigned to you at the start of the game. On the other hand, crew members have to accomplish various tasks in order to succeed in their mission. On the other hand, the fraudster tries to eliminate all crew members without getting caught.

Between us is a very political game, hence its success Banners. In a way, it rewards ingenuity and being a good talker. No matter what role you are assigned to, chatting with other players is essential. The game mechanics set up is very simple. Everything is rendered in a somewhat primitive 2D style. From an accessibility point of view, this is fine, since the game runs on almost any platform (smartphone, PC, etc.).

As of November 2020, SuperData Research estimated that there are 500 million users among us, and these users are largely mobile (97%) even if there is a PC version. Note that the Switch version was launched in December 2020. It costs $ 6.30 and often rises to the top of the best-selling Nintendo console.

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