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Best Discounts for PS5 SSD Hard Drives

Best Discounts for PS5 SSD Hard Drives

Best SSD for gaming: Which SSD for PS5?

All PS5 players can now increase the amount of storage space by adding an SSD for PS5. No more than 825 GB of space, you will now be able to access 500 GB, 1 TB or even another 2 TB! You will also have better read and write speeds.

But be careful, there are a few conditions for adding the best gaming SSD or SSD for PS5:
  1. On the other hand, you have to unlock PS5 to add SSD for PS5 But fortunately you don’t have to be an engineer, understand that we succeeded so you can do that too
  2. On the other hand, it is highly recommended to use a hard drive with a heat sink, otherwise the constant heat of the console in working condition may damage your precious PS5 SSD and risk losing your data. It would be a pity.

Best SSD for gaming: Which SSD for PS5?

We asked ourselves the question “Which SSD for PS5?” “And we have picked for you the best SSD games that are now available on Amazon, whether in France or Canada. We chose Amazon for obvious reasons of fast delivery but also because we guarantee to be compensated if we don’t receive the package in the coming days, for example.

So you can now buy a PCIe (with PCIe interface) or NVMe SSD with better storage capacity, excellent longevity and good read and write speeds (important for reducing load times). These transfer speeds will allow you to get better performance in your video games, even with an entry-level NVMe SSD.

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Since we know our business when it comes to SSDs, we’ve picked only the best gaming SSDs for demanding gamers. Your gaming machine will thank you for the years to come.

But now for discounts better SSD for gaming and better SSD for PS5.

Best SSD for gaming and Best SSD for PS5 – Canada
Best SSD for gaming and Best SSD for PS5 – France

Based on our analysis and research, it appears that the best SSD for gaming and the best SSD for PS5 are hard drives from WD and Samsung, and hard drives from Corsair and Sabrent are less heat tolerant and slightly slower than their competitors. This is just an opinion, the choice is yours.

As long as you do, here are some heat sinks to equip you in the best possible way (be warned, not all PS5-sized heat sinks are like those of Thermalright for example, keep this in mind during your research and take our pick):

Thermal paste / SSD heatsink for PS5 – Canada
Thermal Paste / SSD Heatsink for PS5 – France
Here’s a video from PlayStation that serves as a guide to help you install the new SSD for your PS5.

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