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Bertrand Godin bought his dream car!

Bertrand Godin bought his dream car!

Many car enthusiasts dream of owning a Ferrari one day, but only a handful of the lucky ones will be able to realize that dream. This is the case for Quebec pilot and trainer Bertrand Godin, who just got his hands on the target of his dreams: Ferrari 308 GTS 1983.

To discuss it, he was invited into the presentation microphone car manualemployment Radio QUBdirected by Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer.

In memory of Gilles Villeneuve

If Bertrand Godin has long dreamed of being behind the wheel of this particular model, it is not by chance.

“The first time I saw this car was in an American Express ad with the guy who inspired me to do motorsport, Gilles Villeneuve. You see it in his Ferrari 308 GTS and says “don’t leave without it” and then drive off. Since then, I’ve had to publish of a 308 GTS in my room and I’ve been dreaming about it,” says the man who later raced in Formula Atlantic, Formula 3000 and Formula 1600.

As in Magnum PI

The Ferrari 308 GTS is one of the 80’s models that made a whole generation of enthusiasts dream. The general public has become familiar with this legendary model, especially thanks to the series Magnum B This American detective series aired from 1980 to 1988, featuring the character of Magnum, played by Tom Selleck, driving his Ferrari.

“At that time, I was listening Magnum B Bertrand Godin sadly recalls: not to see the detective, but to just see the car, if only for a few seconds during the show.

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After dreaming about it for decades, he finally had a chance recently, and he jumped on it. A friend who owned this desired car offered to buy it. Bertrand Godin rejoices: “It couldn’t be better.”

The first collector car

Bertrand Godin, known as an automobile enthusiast, has found himself behind the wheel of several racing cars during his career. However, he never owned a so-called collector’s car. With this Ferrari that will soon celebrate its fortieth anniversary, he has reached the world of vintage cars by scoring on his turf.

“It’s a 308 GTSi, so it’s the injection version. It’s a copy Scoperta Which means ‘discover’ so that it has a retractable roof,’ he identifies. Of course, he chose the red color model, which is a must, he says. ‘For me, it should be a red Ferrari!’ […] I didn’t want any other color.”

Bertrand Godin also mentioned that he will be participating in some car rallies this summer so that Quebec fans can see it up close.

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