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Bertolin: The Brittel Festival (s) also "plays" advanced lessons

Bertolin: The Brittel Festival (s) also “plays” advanced lessons

In Bertolin, from August 3 to 8, experienced accordionists will be able to deepen their knowledge.

The third edition of the Berthelian Accordion Festival, otherwise called the “Le Bretel Festival”, will take place from 3 to 8 August, in academic and radio mode. In the program: 6 days of music, 15 artists, 2 music evenings, 2 master classes, 4 workshops, a special edition of “Radio Britles”.

About masters “Accordion and current music”Carried by Academic bracelet (s), Was launched by Ruthenian accordionist Lionel Suarez and is aimed at accordionists who already have an artistic practice and who wish to deepen their knowledge.

Based on a specific improvement method: Several modules offer practical tools such as the art of accompaniment, percussion, orchestral thinking, improvisation, sound, drafting …

Improving your playing, enriching your musical vocabulary, developing your artistic imagination, and understanding the role and place of your instrument within the groups of so-called current music, these are the main goals that must be achieved for the participants. Whether they are interested in jazz, soul, blues, rock, songs, or Latin music, or simply driven by a desire to discover some of the secrets of making the “Suarez style”.

Registrations will open very soon. More information to come on the site

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