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Pernod Ricard pourra bénéficier du remboursement de certaines taxes aux USA

Bernard Rickard may benefit from certain tax refunds in the United States

Photo credit © Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) – Bernard Ricard announced on Monday that a court ruling in favor of the National Association of Manufacturers in the United States on Wednesday would allow it to benefit from a refund of certain import taxes (“defects”). Will have a positive impact on its results for the 2020-2021 financial year.

This “defect” mechanism allows the company concerned to refund a portion of the taxes paid on the import of certain goods when it exports similar goods.

The U.S. Federal Court of Appeals ruled Monday that U.S. authorities could not control the amount demanded by companies within the framework of the device, which could benefit Bernard Ricard’s U.S. subsidiary.

The results state that in the fiscal year 2020-2021 “$ 163 million (approximately 140 million euros) in pre-tax profit, of which $ 33 million will be the current, equivalent of operating profit. Approximately 1% of additional GDP growth”, targeted June 23 Not included.

(Written by Miriam Rivet, edited by Blandine Honald)

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