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Benny Djaneh.  Margot Deschamps, student and intern in the PHP space

Benny Djaneh. Margot Deschamps, student and intern in the PHP space

From March 28th until April 30th, Margaux Deschamps has been doing an internship at the Pays, Histoire et Patrimoine (PHP) space located in the medieval town of Penne-d’Agenais. A training period that allows this student to validate her third year of undergraduate studies in applied foreign languages. It is responsible for several tasks within this store run by volunteers, in particular to inform visitors of the discovery of Penne-d’Agenais and also to sell products: books, historical and heritage magazines of the Lot-et-Garonne and then, local products and souvenirs (postcards, magnets, etc. To that) Margaux loves to connect with people but what interests her mainly are graphics and communication. Regarding his two interests, the site manager Maria Garrouste gave him the task of updating the labels used in the store so that they were more attractive and readable, as well as preparing a table and designing flyers for the event to be held in June: “100 years of tourist reception in Beni Djenn”. Also commissioned were the production of business cards – written in French and English – and the creation of a banner that will be used for future documents for the PHP Society, as well as the translation of some documents into English for British tourists. Margaux is in the Pays Association store, Histoire et Patrimoines every day except Monday, from 11am-1pm and from 2pm-6pm on weekdays and every weekend – Saturday and Sunday – from 2pm-6pm 6 p.m. (April 22 and 23). Espace Pays, Histoire et Patrimoines, 15 rue du 14 Juillet in Penne-d’Agenais.

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