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Belmadi "You have to know how to develop tactically"

Belmadi “You have to know how to develop tactically”

After his team’s victory over Mali (1-0), coach Djamel Belmadi spoke at a press conference. He was very satisfied with the great opposition he faced this evening.

The Algeria-Mali match was announced as tough for the Desert Foxes, and indeed it was fierce opposition that Djamel Belmadi’s men faced. If they finally came out victorious thanks to Riyad Mahrez’s goal in the 57th minute of play, the Greens suffered a lot and the Malian youth crowded on them very excitingly in content.

Thus, the coach of the national team expressed his satisfaction after the meeting: It’s a team with great potential, and it’s no surprise. I imagine there were a lot of these players who were part of the youth ranks in Mali. I am satisfied with the opposition today. This team could get hurt if they continue to act this way.»

Having become more talkative about his team’s tactical scheme, Djamel Belmadi highlighted the qualities of resilience he already praised after the match against Mauritania: You have to know how to develop tactically. Today we did it during the first half. We had to change things, we have to be flexible depending on the problem we have. »

“Satisfied to face such an opponent”

Midfielders composed of Adline Jedoura, Ramez Zerrougui and Hicham Boudaoui found himself at the center of the criticism. Overtaken by the rhythm imposed by the Malians, the trident of El Boudawi was amputated, and released half-time in favor of Islam Soleimani and a double axis. For Belmadi, the main responsible for this change was the opponent: The opposing pressure was too strong. It was difficult for Ramez and Boudawi to get around. We had to move to Middle 2 to make a bigger impact, and find a more direct game.Praising Al-Zarrouqi, despite the difficulty of his first run: Al-Zarrouqi, on an opposition like that of Mali, put a lot of pressure in the middle. In the second half, he felt more comfortable thanks to the tactical change in particular. I’m not surprised by his good game.”

The coach admitted that, this very difficult opposition was what he expected when validating this friendly match: “ We came to find these difficulties that they were going to put us on. Without wanting to offend Burkinabe, Mali has a better quality of ball possession, but the match against Burkina Faso will be a tough competition as well. »

However, if he praises his players, Djamel Belmadi admits this: Sofiane Feghouli and Ismail Bennacer missed his team badly tonight: “ Mali has had a huge impact, and it has certainly been worked on and researched. We also see the importance of Feghouli and Bencer in this midfield. Anyway, Mali only had one real chance in the whole match. Our victory was not stolen.»

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Then the director confirmed that Youssef Attal “Minor injuries against Mauritania“, it will be well restored for the Tunisia match whose replacement Mehdi Zivan suffered in the face of financial attacks. For Adam Ounas, who took him out on a stretcher, is back again “Fear more than harmFor this knockout blow that made him wear a neck brace.

“Tunisia has a lot of experience”

Now is the time to move to Tunisia. Djamel Belmadi knows the Eagles of Carthage, as he confessed: “ I know this Tunisian team and they know we know them. It’s a very experienced team, with a lot of players who are used to Africa and who know how to run matches.»

The coach criticized those who called him “March matches of matches without bets“He announces his intention to win before returning to the cases of Youssef Balili and Islam Al-Sulaimani. “Blayi has always been a centerpiece in this team, yet he’s not 100% of his physical potential. He stopped the tournament pretty early, but there’s no surprise.“This is how the coach progresses.

For Islam Soleimani, this is a tactical analysis shared by Jamal Belmadi: “Soleimani is so much fun when he goes down a bit. He does it regularly in clubs and is good at it. It’s very interesting, especially when you play with two strikers. It’s more complicated when you play with a single striker.»

The coach will be able to return to Sidi Moussa satisfied with the 26th match without losing his family. It will now be Tunisia’s game (11 June) to send the Greens on vacation, and with a smile if victory is at last.


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